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Finance your Biggest Asset- Your Home- through the Right Home Mortgage Lenders

Home ownership need not be a distant dream and your first step towards buying a home need not be a struggle anymore. If new home is what you are looking forward to, then you are at the right place. MortgageLoanSpot, is here to make your biggest purchase decision a lot easier and faster by connecting you quickly and efficiently with the suitable mortgage lenders offering best home loan options.

We are not a direct lender of home mortgage loans, but we want you to get closer to your dream of owning a home. Hence, we as your reliable Mortgage Broker, help you avail quick home financing options through our network of direct home loan lenders. Whether you are here to apply for a home loan for the very first time or to refinance home mortgage, we have customized and affordable solutions for all kinds of American home mortgage needs. There is no cost and no obligation to avail our home loan mortgage matching service.

Understand Home Mortgage Loans before you make your Dream Home an Instant Reality.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchasing decision. Therefore, it is important to learn about the available home mortgage loans, the current mortgage rates, general eligibility and how to shop for trusted home loan lenders.

What is a home mortgage loan? A home mortgage loan is a home financing option offered either by a bank, mortgage company or any other financial institution and involves legal agreement wherein a home loan lender (mortgagee) agrees to offer funds to a borrower (mortgagor) to buy a new home (primary residence) or other real estate (investment real estate) in exchange for interest. Home buyer, on the other hand, agrees to repay the funds within a defined time frame for a certain cost.

Home mortgage is a kind of secured loan that is secured by real estate or property and will have either a fixed or floating interest rate. Such a loan, which in case the buyer defaults, the home mortgage loan lender holds the right to foreclose or sell the property for the loan repayment.
How much can you truly afford despite the temptation? Do a little math to calculate the purchase price and payment you can afford. Such a calculation will help you own a home that is conveniently affordable. To evaluate the down payment, home mortgage loan amount, debt-to-income ratio and mortgage payment, check our easy to use home affordability calculator. For current mortgage rates, use our mortgage payment calculator.

Are You a First Time Home Buyer? Let us Help You Purchase a New Home with Zero Efforts.

First home buyers have a tough time shopping for a home loan that suits their specific needs. MortgageLoanSpot strongly believes that a first time home purchase or first home mortgage need not be a challenging affair and therefore guides you to best mortgage companies that offer a hassle-free home buying process along with competitive mortgage rates. For more on home buying guide and first time home buyer tips, kindly refer to our home purchase page.

Not Happy with your Current Home Mortgage? Go for a Mortgage Refinance.

Refinancing your mortgage is a simple process that allows you to replace your current home mortgage with a new one. Home mortgage refinance helps you avail lower interest rates, lower payments, better loan terms, cash (equity) out of your home and other amazing benefits. To learn in detail about what is refinancing; home mortgage refinancing calculator and refinance mortgage rates, check our refinance home mortgage section.

Each Home Mortgage Loan Lender is different and so is the Eligibility Criteria.

Requirements for home loan vary from lender to lender. However, mortgage lenders, in general, focus on five basic things regardless of the home mortgage loan option you are interested in.

  • Household Household income
  • Employment Employment history
  • Credit score Credit score
  • Cash reserve Cash reserves
  • Down payment Down payment amount

No matter what your needs are, MortgageLoanSpot is here to help. Get started with our no-obligation home mortgage loan form on the right and get quote in minutes.

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