Zero Down Home Loans


Zero Down Home Loans

Zero Down Home Loans - No or Minimal Down Payments

Have a very little cash to make a down payment and want to conserve or save you reserve cash? Well, a “0 down home loan” is the answer to all your troubles. This is of course, at the closing of the loan. Lenders have brought in this type of loan, as the prices of property usually show a regular increase. This leads to homeowners wanting to build equity on their home.

The Concept of Zero Down Mortgage

Around 20 years ago, the down payment for a home was around 20%. Today, most people put in as little as 5% as the down payment for their new home. A no down payment home loan will enable you to get a mortgage without providing any down payment when you buy your house. Numerous moneylenders along with some other benefits are now offering this innovative mortgage.

As can be imagined, a no down payment mortgage is tailor made for all those who are buying the house for the first time or for those who do not want to put in a bulk of their savings as a down payment and have other uses for their savings. These loans are also called 100 % home finance loans as you are financing 100% of the value of your home.

Who can get a Zero Down Home Loan?

A credit score of 600 is usually good enough to get a 100 % mortgage financing; however, there are lending companies who might ask for less or more. It is best that you do a bit of window-shopping and ask around for the rates, process, fees, and charges, if any. A veteran has more chances of getting a zero down mortgage, as they are entitled to special VA loans that are offered by the lender.

Be Very Cautious

Do not just go for a 100% home finance option just for the sake of getting one. Adopt a cautious approach in this regard. This is because you are more likely to lose your home because of no payment of the monthly payments, than in any other types of loans. Therefore, if you think you do not have the financial discipline to save, you must avoid this type of mortgage.

In addition, you would do well to remember that though you are putting no money as a down payment, you are borrowing more money and this means higher monthly payments. Therefore, you should be very careful when you go for 100% financing of your home loans.

Lending companies have come out with a host of options that can be used by borrowers to get a loan. Amongst the many is no down payment home loan. This has allowed numerous people to buy their own home and start building their home equity.

However, the prospective borrower must go with the loan that he or she can repay and which is also in tune with his/her present and future financial condition.

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