Cash Out Refinance to Tap into Your Home Equity


Refinance with Cash Out: An Easy Way to Access Money

When it comes to refinancing your existing home loan, there are two popular ways - a standard rate and term refinance, and cash-out refinance. However, in both cases, you replace your existing loan with a new one. While a rate and term refinance allows you to obtain either a low mortgage rate or shorter term, cash out refinance has another set of benefits to offer. Cash - out refinance mortgage loan involves refinancing of a current mortgage for tapping into the portion of your home equity.

Many homeowners use cash out refi to pay for major expenses including college tuition, home renovation, paying off high interest credit card debt, etc. While cash-out mortgage refinance, comes with no particular restrictions on the usage, these may vary by lender. Therefore, ensure to get multiple quotes and compare them before you settle with one.

Here is How a Cash-Out Refi Works:

Although a cash-out refi may appear simple, proper understanding of all the features and process of such refinancing is a must for you as a home owner. With a cash out mortgage refinance, you can borrow a larger amount than the amount you currently owe, provided you have owned your home for a longer period. The principal amount owed by you will get lesser gradually as you make the monthly payments, leading to a steady build-up of equity.

The cash difference at the time of settlement is generally huge, which you will receive in the check form. The cash-out refinance loan proceeds will be split into two; one portion will be used to pay off the original mortgage while you will pocket the rest. Having said that, the other key factors such as type of residence, the loan-to-value ratio, presence of second loan on the property, etc. will also determine the amount of cash you will get. Thus, with refinance cash out option, you borrow money at closing and also refinance your mortgage.

Advantages of Cash-out Refinancing

  • It is an ideal solution for debt consolidation. You can simplify payments by consolidating multiple debts - credit card balances, student loans, auto loans, etc. into one.

  • Refinance with cash out helps you meet your financial goals - fund a home improvement project, prepare for retirement, purchase an investment property or a second home and much more.

  • Allows you to take advantage of relatively lower or competitive cash out refinance rates on a home-improvement loan or business start-up loan.

  • You can avail tax benefits by rolling your high-interest debt into a mortgage payment through cash-out refinancing.

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