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Being a home owner and paying a monthly mortgage installment is a very common situation. After few years of paying mortgage loans, owing to higher payoffs or longer tenure, you might feel that refinancing existing debts might save you some bucks on interest paid. But, the question "is refinancing a good choice?" comes with a different answer for every borrower, depending on their financial situation, loan type and tenure, kind of property under equity. Refinancing mortgage loans involves closing costs, and you must be sure of recouping this cost within the loan life. Let's see how UT Refi Loans can benefit you as a borrower.

Refinance Rate Chart in Utah

Product Utah Interest Rate(29/12/2017) Change Last Week 21/12/2017
30 yr. fixed mortgage refi 3.88% Image 0.02 3.86%
15-year fixed mortgage rate 3.25% Image 0.06 3.19%
5/1 ARM refi 3.89% Image 0.06 3.97%
15 yr jumbo fixed mtg refi 4.32% Image 0.20 4.52%

Your financial status, plays the game

As evident in the chart above, current Utah refinance interest rates for 30 and 15 year fixed mortgages are on rising while 5/1 ARM and 15 years fixed jumbo loans are comparatively lower. Refinancing allows conversion of loan rates and tenure from fixed to adjustable and reverse. However low-interest rates do not ensure low loan installments and low EMI does not always mean profitable deal. Your present financial situation decides, which shift of refinancing mortgage loan will earn you the maximum profit.

Home Refinancing Earns Profit in Every Choice

No loans are similar to each other, while some will have Adjustable interest rates, others will have fixed rates, and some have additional insurance costs included. Say if you are refinancing a 30 year fixed mortgage with a 5 / 1 ARM Utah refi loan, the 5 initial years of your loan tenure will have low payoffs. But after these 5 years, rates will float on the higher side, revising every year. So you must keep yourself ready for the installment hikes; proves helpful if your present income is low but higher income is expected in future. Now 15 years fixed refi on the same loan might apparently increase your monthly installments, but your tenure will be slashed halfway, profiting you with quick repayment of older loans.

Solves need of Instant Credit Requirement

Refinance further accommodates consolidating all your high-interest loans into one, charging a reduced all-inclusive installment, the money thus saved on interest can be utilized for paying bills. Moreover, Home renovation loan or Cashing -out finance to meet sudden cash requirement keeping a home as equity, is also facilitated by refinancing offers from the mortgage lender in Utah.

One-stop Solution for Home Refinancing Needs

So, at the end of the day, all you want is saving money. If you feel, refinancing mortgage loan will make sense for you, we assist you in comparing refinance rates of UT mortgage lenders. Being a trusted mortgage broker of Utah, MortgageLoanSpot we will process your loan approval, with no closing costs. So apply to us and be at ease; get your credit requirements fulfilled in minimum time.

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