Buying Your Dream Home in Utah

Utah Home Mortgage

Buying Your Dream Home in Utah

Utah, quite known for its scenic beautiful hills and forest reserves, historic monuments. Moreover, providing great options for a personal and professional life in cities like Salt Lake, Summit and Tooele; Utah is no doubt an ideal city to call home. With the state’ s recovery form the housing crisis; housing prices as well as home loan rates in Utah are on rise. Still Utah mortgage rates are quite lower than average U.S mortgage rates. So, first home buyers in Utah do not delay your dream home financing. Here are some quick facts related to Utah interest rates.

  • Median Home Value: $228,100

  • Loan Funding Rate: 65.5%

  • Average Mortgage Rate: 4%

  • Homeownership Rate: 69.9%

  • Average Annual Mortgage Payment: $10,454

Types of New Home Loans in Utah

following are the types of home mortgage loans prevailing in the state

    Fixed Mortgage Rates : It is one of the common mortgage option, most homebuyers prefers. The tenure commonly stretches up to 30 years. Except you go for any refinance or foreclosure options, the monthly payments remains same throughout the loan tenure. Very suitable for buyers planning to have along stay in the purchased property.

    Adjustable Mortgage rates : Equally popular like the fixed mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages of Utah, comes with floating rates. Once the preliminary period expires, which can be anything between 1 to 10 years, the lender can increase the rate at fixed intervals, based on the caps, mentioned in the terms of mortgage. However keep in mind, you must be capable of high repayment after the introductory period expires. But if you plan the home sale before the introductory period ends, adjustable rates can be a wise decision.

    Jumbo Mortgage : The U.S government keeps a conforming loan limit for every state, for Utah this limit is $417,000. The mortgages that exceed this conforming loan limit is a jumbo mortgage. The interest charged on jumbo home loans in Utah are generally higher than normal mortgage loans.

    Zero down Mortgages : For these loans you need not make even the minimum 20% down payment. Quite hard to be approved, an applicant needs to have good credit score not less than 600. VA Loans sponsored by the U.S government, is a kind of zero down home loans in Utah.

    Refinancing : This loan type will allow you to close higher interest loans with a new loan of lower interest. Mortgage refinance in Utah is a wise choice for you are willing to stay in the mortgaged property till your refinanced amount is compensated by the instalments savings.

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