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Home Loans in Nevada: An Easy Option to Owning a House

Nevada, the state of lights, casinos and freedom, has been a great attraction to tourists from all around the world. Simultaneously, life is very peaceful here, and there is no state income tax. That is why having a house in Nevada is not only for living, but also for making money out of it; that's why many people want to have a house in Nevada. Because of huge demand, the price of owning a home has gone up. That has caused many people opting for Home Loans in recent years. Home loans are convenient with low interest rates, and there are many lenders in the market to address the demand.

Your Options While applying for a Mortgage Loan in Nevada

As a mortgage shopper, you need to be sure about what type of mortgage you want to have. Because, you have to pay the interest accordingly. Broadly, you could choose an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) or a fixed rate mortgage (FRM). In an AMR, the interest rate is subjected to change depending upon the index determined by the Federal Reserve Bank. While sometimes the interest rate would be lower than the average, sometimes it could be higher. On the other hand, an FRM is the type of mortgage where interest rate is fixed. That means, even if there is a change in the index, you still pay with the same rate every month. With an FRM, comparatively you get a certainty, while you might have to pay the fixed interest at times when the index is low. You could go for a 30 or a 15-year term with both type of mortgage loans. With many lenders, you also get the option to go for a 5/1 or a 7/1 ARM- where the first 5 and 7 years of the mortgage period are fixed with a rate respectively. following that period, your interest is adjusted with respect to the Federal Bank's index. Similarly, for a large loan amount, you can choose a Jumbo mortgage, especially in Las Vegas or Reno.

Here's the rate chart for Mortgage Rate Averages in the first week of January 2018 in Nevada

Mortgage Type Rate Change Jan First Week
30 year fixed mortgage 3.85% 0.05 3.90%
15 year fixed mortgage 3.21% 0.03 3.24%
30 year fixed jumbo mortgage 4.14% 0.03 4.17%
5/1 ARM 3.73% 0.08 3.81%
7/1 ARM 3.74% 0.12 3.86%
15 year fixed jumbo mortgage 4.03% 0.06 3.86%
10 year fixed mortgage 3.13% 0.05 3.18%
20 year fixed mortgage 3.63% 0.04 3.67%

Does a Mortgage Lender Make Any Difference to How Much You Pay?

The straight forward answer is, YES. Every mortgage lender has its own way of functioning. Orientation Fee, annual percentage rate (APR)- which includes additional fees apart from the interest amount, down payment vary lender to lender. If you choose a wrong funding source for your home at a wrong time, you would end up paying extra. Similarly, approval time, trust factor, reputation and information support also count while choosing a mortgage lender. Apart from that, there are national level lenders as well as local mortgage lenders in Nevada. With the latter, you still can negotiate to have better rates. Therefore, it is very important to pick the right lender while taking a mortgage.

Confused with Home Loan Types or Lenders? MortgageLoanSpot Will Solve Your Problem

After having all the basic information associated with a home loan, it is certainly not easy to pick the right mortgage financing source. As a home buyer you definitely want to avail a loan fast, which also should be cheap. Let MortgageLoanSpot help you in your selection. As the name suggests, we are the platform which gives you the freedom to choose from the lowest mortgage rates in NV provided by a list of trusted lenders.

You can apply in our portal, which is accessible around the clock. We cover the first time home mortgage applicants, as well as those who just want home improvements. Our simple application process requires very little data, and qualifying for a home loan from a number of lenders is smooth with us. We shortlist best options, and you pick the final one. A house loan in Nevada with MortgageLoanSpot is a step closer towards your sweet home.

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